Holiday Sale and Fluid 2.0
Posted 8 months ago
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Holiday Sale and Fluid 2.0
With the Holidays approaching what better time to offer a sale and revamp Fluid as a gift to those of you who have purchased Fluid already, or are planning on it! The Holiday sale on all items labeled with "Sale" will end on January 1st 2020. Preview of Fluid 2.0 will be released next week so stay tuned for that aswell. Happy Holidays to you all and thank you to everyone who has hired me so far this year, I look forward to creating many more epic websites for you all, New and old customers! 


snikers Member
Commented 6 months ago
very cool
xSyke Customer
Commented 4 months ago
Amazing! A bit late comment but amazing!!! :D
iXybeR Member
Commented 3 months ago
Hi, just wondering if the webpage is lifetime? or i have recurring payment to make
Claire1234 Member
Commented 1 day ago
this is not free? what kind of website creator is this
Koritox Member
Commented 1 day ago
@Clarie1234, this is for serious minecraft servers. If you're serious about your minecraft server, want it to be professional, and you have the funds to purchased items from here, you have come to the right place.