Recent Project And More!
Posted 9 months ago
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Recent Project And More!

Recent Projects
Happy to say I've finally gotten around to updating the Projects section! Thank you all who have been apart of updating that by ordering from me. I appreciate all of you allowing me to do something I truly enjoy, and look forward to pushing out some more epic websites!

Upcoming Addons
  1. Suggestions Addon - Allow users to submit suggestions and more all within Xenforo.

Upcoming FluidUI Changes
A revamp of the premade theme FluidUI will be released around December 25th. This includes a rework of the Forum Theme, Store Theme and more. Be sure to check back for previews and updates regarding the revamp.


Benj Developer
Commented 8 months ago
Rip.. Comment system has been broken lads! lol
MiguelFierro Customer
Commented 7 months ago
Penguin Customer
Commented 1 month ago